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How to Protect Your Blogger Content from Being Copied

Blog at this time is something valuable, especially every time Posting in it ... Of course sometimes It's upset when Post Blog that already difficult hard to make, you type one by one ... eh was taken by others .. let alone the Post admitted hers .. or if the Ngambil Post ente is a SEO Master .. kelar deh .. you are hard difficult typing, search for inspiration .. your own out of sequence search Google or other search engine ...
And the one hanging out at Page 1 is that thief ... hehe
Copy Paste practice is already existed since ancient blogger hehe, but it is currently the search system is actively giatnya developing algorithm anti plagiarism ,,, but the name of the system there is also a gap and weakness ..
"As strong as a system .. there will be gaps and weaknesses" so it could be ente the original author who actually got the Plagiarism Algorithm ... hehe

Sure there's no trick that can really counteract the plagiarism .. but there are several ways that at least can hamper the Plagiarist to run the action ...
What are the tricks for Protecting / preventing Blogs on Copy Paste? Just look at the trick below ... this trick is already rama we use to reduce the level of plagiarism in some of our blogs and as a result, at least it can prevent some copyists Amateur .. hehe (if copyists are still not yet)
Because there's always a trick behind the Trick ..

1. Use Script to prevent Right Click

Right click is actually the default command for an option .. and this becomes a gap to select in Copy or in Save ..: D and of course when we have secured this function in our blog .. the opportunity amateur people to play copy paste will be handled ..

For the script .. please put above

remember , put before the head cover mark.

Zoom Image

For the Codenya we Post in Hosting Page ... Please download or copy via Link below:

Script To prevent Right Click


okay .. please try it yourself and feel the difference .. For Demo Right click you can Try on this RahmanCyber.Net Page .. Can you right click? maybe it could be with Special Mode .. hehe

2. Prevent Copy Paste with BSKIN CSS

Well this is a powerful Code nih we've ever met .. how quite simple .. by putting the script above bskin / css space your blog ...



Please Download Code Prevent Copas with CSS HERE


Well if agan or ente already lively 2 Script / Code above .. InsyaAllah your blog is at least safer and plagiarism can be further reduced ...

Although actually for blogger it turns out there is a very big gap for Copas .. although for looks already locked all ...

But for ordinary people, maybe not yet realize it really ... just relax ...: D

Okay so long ago to Update in Categories "Blogger Tutorial" this time, please teach the tips and tricks that we love in Blogger Tutorial .. "Do not forget ya .. mention the source"



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